Beef from Holsome Park

Daz started using Holsome Park Quality Meats for all of our beef.  The farm is located just 4 miles away from the pub and supply us with the highest quality of pedigree British White Beef which claims direct links to the ancient indigenous wild white cattle of Great Britain.  The cattle are reared on a natuaral diet of grass, turnips, hay & home grown cereals.  

We are currently ordering the full Striploin and Daz and Andy are butchering it themselves, slicing the sirloin into steaks, using the fillet for beef wellingtons, trimmings for steak pies, the bones for stock then into our red wine sauce, and finally the fat for dripping on our Sunday Roast Potatoes, all of which is served on our a la carte restaurant.  We also use the Rump of Beef for our Sunday Roast.

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